Why EYEREUM is different

Why EYEREUM publishes theses and presents at conferences?

we always show our customers a comparison of their eyes before and after.
Although the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Society(ASCRS) safety standard of corneal thickness is 250um, our standard is 400um, allowing enough thickness in case of reoperation.
Equally important as corneal thickness is corneal stiffness. Here at EYEREUM, we offer you measurements and results for both. when it comes to laser eye surgery, post-operative care is much more important than pre-operative care.

When planning to have vision correction laser surgery, make sure to have both your cornea stiffness and cornea thickness checked.

Why does EYEREUM present and publish their research at conferences?

Our research needs to be shared with the world. EYEREUM insists on writing theses and presenting at international conferences to contribute to the field of opthalmology.

We are doing our best to become the most trustworthy eye clinic for our patients and provide the best surgical methods for ophthalmologists worldwide. Thus, our aim is to advance Korean medical sciences.

We have published 61 SCI journals, so far, and our chief director, Dr. David Kang(David Sung Yong Kang), has written articles and reviews for the world-renowned opthalmolgy journal, "IOVS".

Why EYEREUM conducts researches on the latest medical technology?

Because we aim for an "even better eye surgery result", We participate in the research and development of the latest medical equipment.
Through our various contributions to perfect the eye surgery process, we at EYEREUM, along with eight other international specialists, were chosen by AMARIS to participate in the research and development of their SmartPulse Technology(SPT).
These are the results of the EYEREUM consistently presenting papers on the best results through AMARIS-customzied CO-WAVE surgery for many years.

Likewise, our medical team here at EYEREUM is always researching the newest medical equipment to find only the best for our customers.
All of our equipment is inspected and verified at international conferences by the world’s greatest eye care specialists to make sure that you receive an “even better eye surgery result”. Our team also has always taken the initiative to continuously show our patients an ‘even better eye surgery result’ through the latest clinical outcomes and information.
The most representative case would be in 2014, when we were chosen as Korea’s first “Asia-pacific Researc Center”, “Reference Doctor for AMARIS”, and “CO-WAVE Reference Center” by the German Head Office of Schwind due to contributing in the research and adopting of CO-WAVE surgery. And recently we have been credited as a qualified/outstanding medical team and eye clinic by successfully accomplishing 31,000 eye surgery cases.

The First Asian Ambassador for AVERDO Inc.

EYEREUM has led the safety of corrective eye surgeries in Korea by being the first to implement the LASIK Xtra®, which reinforces the cornea after any Lasik or Lasek surgery.

Credited for this, EYEREUM’s chief director, Dr. David Kang(David Sung Yong Kang), was nominated as one of the fifteen medical advisory board members by AVEDRO Inc. headquarters in America. He not only presented the clinical outcomes of Korea’s first LASIK Xtra® surgery as the 2015 ambassador but is still working actively in the field of LASIK and LASEK Xtra®.

Why EYEREUM Insists on Individually Tailored Laser Eye Surgery.

The key to the safest laser eye surgery depends on the condition of the patient’s eyes.
This is why the best laser eye surgery is the individually tailored eye surgery.
Just as each fingerprint is unique, how you have maintained your eyes and what type of habits you have are just two examples of the numerous factors that have to be considered before a laser eye surgery.
As a result, it is only natural that an individually tailored laser eye surgery will have an optimal outcome.
Insisting on safety first, we only recommend surgery suited to each of our patients’ needs in order for the best result possible.

The Standard of ICL for Koreans

Especially in ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) surgeries, a surgeon’s medical capabilities are the most important.
There are two types of ICLs. One is the Front ICL or Anterior chamber phakic IOLS (ACpIOLs) and the other is the Rear ICL or Posterior chamber phakic IOLS (PCpIOLs). Both show a highly satisfying outcome, however depending on your eyes, a more suitable one has to be chosen.

EYEREUM has performed both methods of the ICL surgeries. We were given the honor of being one of the four Asia–Pacific advisory board members by the OPHTEC Inc. in the Netherlands for the front lens Artiflex. Also, we were chosen as the Best Aqua ICL Center from the American STAAR Inc. three years in a row.
As for the Rear ICL, we have been acknowledged for our contribution in presenting the standard of ICL for Koreans by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) in 2011. Also recently from 2014 to 2016, three theses about ICL were chosen as a world renowned SCI theses, which have rendered distinguishing credits in the ophthalmology field.

How much will EYEREUM surgery cost me?

Our standard price option begins with the individually-tailored eye surgery. This eye surgery is customized to fit the needs of each of our customers. This process includes not only the basic eye exams, but also any additional in-depth or special examinations and additional treatment from your doctor. So the precise cost cannot be predicted before any preliminary exams.

This not only applies before the surgery but also afterwards during the recovery stage.
As it is impossible to offer individually tailored surgery to many patients at once, this factor also has to be considered when deciding on the cost of the surgery.

We, however, believe receiving the highest possible standards should not be compromised.
The only way to ensure a safe and highly effective surgery is with exceptional surgeons, rigorous screening, the most advanced technology, and comprehensive follow-up care.
We are continually working to find the most efficient exams, the safest surgery, as well as the most reasonable price range.

Eyereum, To Show and to Prove.

Instead of just saying we will do our best, we will show you our best.
EYEREUM has been recognized as a global clinic which always ‘shows’ highly advanced medical care and scientifically ‘proves’ the results.

Please show interest in the path we have followed and the path we will take.