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It is the gold standard of SMILE - Dr. David SY Kang

EYEREUM EYE CLINIC had the first SMILE pro surgery in Korea. (August 14, 2023, Dr. David SY Kang)

We are a specialized ophthalmologist for Low Energy_SMILE Surgery. Low Energy SMILE surgery using visumax800 aims to improve the quality of vision after surgery.

VISUMAX800 represents the latest generation of ZEISS femtosecond lasers, offering reduced laser time in comparison to its predecessors while making tissue separation with SMILE pro from ZEISS easier than before. A shorter suction time can increase peace of mind and reduce stress for patients during the laser treatment.

'Low Energy SMILE' of EYEREUM Eye-clinic is recognized as a global standard and also as revolutionary innovation in ReLEx SMILE surgery that simultaneously corrects myopia and astigmatism. By minimizing corneal incision at 1/10th of the level of LASIK, Low Energy SMILE leads the less damage to the surgical site and cornea, as well as quick vision recovery. Low Energy SMILE, this innovative surgical procedure makes the better quality of vision.

SMILE  vs  LOW Energy SMILE. The evolution of ReLEx SMILE, Discover Low Energy

SMILE Produce rough lenticule using high energy (Dr. David Donate, Rozenn Thaëron, ZEISS European Refractive Laser Symposium, 31 May 2015.)

In SMILE procedures, a lenticule is created inside the intact cornea, using high energy exposure, which creates a rough surfaced lenticule.

Low Energy ReLEx SMILE Creates a smooth lenticule using low energy.

Whereas in Low Energy ReLEx SMILE, the amount of energy is low, producing a smoother lenticule and causing less damage to the cornea.

Comparing Vision Recovery. After Low Energy SMILE, you may go about your daily routine the following day.

The day after surgery 20/20 vision, Reach a 1.0 vision

After a standard SMILE LASIK, patients usually complain about 2~3 weeks of continual vision opacity and a slow recovery. However, with Low Energy ReLEx SMILE, 91% of patients are amazed at reaching a 20/20 vision the following day.

Reduced light blurred vision, HOA Coma 36.7% ↓

In Low Energy ReLEx SMILE, HOA and Coma, which are the caused for blurred vision, are produced far less.

※ Dr. David Donate, Rozenn Thaëron, ZEISS European Refractive Laser Symposium, 31 May 2015.

※ Comparing WaveFront: The Increased Amount of Coma Before and After surgery with Standard SMILE vs. Low Energy ReLEx SMILE

The Criteria for Low Energy ReLEx SMILE Did you check the energy? Energy level close to the plasma threshold

During Low Energy ReLEx SMILE, threshold energy is the minimum energy required to produce lenticule For this reason it is important to find the safe level threshold energy.

EYEREUM recommends LOW Energy ReLEx SMILE and verifies how much the energy level close to the plasma threshold ,which has been changed after surgery.