Show & Prove EYEREUM Shows Possible Reoperation Corneal Thickness EYEREUM is committed to providing the most thorough eye examination available and takes a lot of time over testing and screening your eyes. We also believe it is important for the patients to understand their condition and the results. That’s why we started this service. Using Carl Zeiss Full Pacs System, the entire procedure is shown via video.

Cal ZEISS의 Full PACS SYSTEM으로 이루는 화상의 의료서비스

The Carl Zeiss Full Pacs System centrally stores and manages all examination data, creating data consistency. It not only saves time but also saves costs and reduces human error. At it facilitates in visualizing each patient’s data by preparing ophthalmic data and images through Digital Screen, problems like mistaking a patient’s chart or misunderstanding the doctor’s directions can be avoided. This state of the art technology also allows us to show and prove to you and our patients your results.


01The Remaining Corneal Thickness

After surgery, EYEREUM shows our patients how much cornea thickness remains and whether the results are good or not.

02Opened Consultation

With an opened consultation system, patients can check their cornea condition exam result on the monitor screen.

03Storing your Results

The results from the pre-liminary examinations are stored on a CD and sent to you via E-mail for you to keep.

Meet with your own personal private doctor before and after surgery

The ophthalmologist who knows your natural eyes best is the doctor who examined you. And the ophthalmologist who knows your post-surgical eyes best is the doctor who performed the surgery. It is obvious that the specialist who you consulted with and who performed the surgery should help you to manage your new vision too. EYEREUM knows that this is an important basic rule that is sometimes often not thought about and that care after surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. So your own personal private specialist will guide you one on one through examinations, surgery, and after care. Vision correction is for life, and your vision is our priority.

A Life Time Guarantee

For those who have chosen to go through our extensive examination process and take part in the safest surgery with the world's leading lasers will be issued a Quality Guarantee and also a life time care guarantee at EYEREUM.

The Safest Surgical Room A one on one nurse will be with you

EYEREUM is practicing a “One-on-One Nurse System,” meaning one nurse from EYEREUM Clean Surgery Team will in charge of guiding and helping only one patient.

1. Pre-surgery Explains the surgical process and prepares and disinfects for surgery
2. Surgery Assist Explains the surgical process and prepares and disinfects for surgery
3. Post-surgery Helps you on your way to a painless recovery

The personal private nurse will care for any needs you might have from beginning to end. During the actual surgery, the nurse will check how your data has been applied to the surgery and how you feel during operation to aid to any discomfort you might feel.