Treatment for keratoconus : Internationally acknowledged

It is most important to treat as well as prevent any diseases.
EYEREUM has been acknowledged for continually succeeding in the treatment of keratoconus and has been selected as Korea KERARING Center of Excellence by MEDIPHACOS Inc., an international medical company for keratoconus treatment ‘KERA-RING.’
Also, the Chief Director of EYEREUM, Dr. David Kang(David Sung Yong Kang) has been appointed as the only ambassador in Asia for the Avedro Medical Advisory Board, MAB, which consists of 15 world renowned medical specialists. He is working hand in hand with world leading specialists to establish a safety standard for the treatment and prevention of keratoconus. And EYEREUM is taking the initiative to acquire advanced medical technologies and provide them to patients in Korea.

Strengthening the post-surgically weakened cornea

Corneal Collagen Cross-linking: building a stronger cornea.
LASIK, LASEK, Xtra® using the innovative KXL system enhances the bindings of corneal collagen molecules and adds strength to the cornea. It eliminates any side-effects and provides safety for patients with extreme myopia.


Avedro Medical Advisory Board

The MAB (Medical Advosiroy Board) members chosen by Avedro Inc. U.S.A. are comprised of ophthalmologic specialists from around the world. And each member is contributing to the development of new medical technologies with corneal cross-linking.

The Corneal Strengthening Technology of KXL System

  1. 01 After undergoing the standard LASIK surgery, riboflavin (Vitamin B2) VibeX eye-drops are applied to the cornea and left to soak for 90 seconds.
  2. 02 The cornea is illuminated with 45mW/㎠ ultra violet light for 90 seconds using the KXL system.
  3. 03 Biomechanical strength is added to the cornea, strengthening the collagen binding.

Compared to the standard cross-linking procedure, KXL system has radically reduced surgical time.

Eliminated side effects such as dry-eyes and corneal opacity.

Bind more collagens by using not the standard continuous energy method but the High Fluence-Pulsed Energy method.

How safe is it?

Already more than 100,000 surgeries performed over the World.
100,000 Cross-linking surgeries have already been performed in the world. It is a procedure that has been used to treat keratoconus for the past 10 years. As patients who have undergone the cross-linking procedure after their LASIK or LASEK surgery have shown a stable vision as well as no signs of myopia regression or keratoconus.

Comparison of The Standard Cross-linking Procedure and The KXL System

- KXL System Standard Cross-linking Procedure
UVA exposure method High Fluence Pulsed Energy Continuous Energy
Vitamin B2 saturation time 90 sec. about 30~40 minutes
UVA exposure time 90 sec. about 40 minutes
Features Can bind more collagens in a short
amount of time.
91% chance of corneal opacity