Presbyopia & Cataract

Cataract is a slow progressive disease when the clear lens begins to cloud and causes your vision to be blurry or cloudy.

Cataract Treatment

You may become sensitive to seeing light and may notice sudden tingling of coldness and tears flowing from your eyes. Objects may even overlap. Those with presbyopia may temporarily be able to see near objects will without glasses.

Cataract Treatment

Early Stages: Medication, Observation, or Surgery

In the early stages of cataract when you feel dimness in the eyes, eye drops or other medication can be prescribed. Medication can’t relieve the symptoms but will instead slow down the progress of cataract. However when medication treatment is no longer an option, you may need surgery to remove the opaque lens.

Middle or Late Stages: Surgical Treatment

In the middle or late stages of cataract, it is necessary to undergo surgery to remove the opaque lens and insert an implantable contact lens instead. If cataract is left untreated, other diseases such as glaucoma could occur leaving it impossible to observe the posterior part of the eye.

Yellowing of the Eyes

As you age, the whites of the eyes may turn yellow as shown below.

Cataract Surgery Process

The key to cataract surgery is ‘how to remove the lens’ and ‘which artificial intraocular lens to insert.’

  • How to remove the lens ( Phacoemulsification / Ocular Ultrasound )

    Phacoemulsification is a procedure in which ultrasound is used to break up or emulsify the lens to aspirate it from the eye. EYEREUM makes a tiny incision less than 3mm, which causes no bleeding or any need for stitches. Unlike the standard method where a 8~10mm incision had to be made, this method allows for a faster recovery and minimizes any risk of other side effects such as astigmatism.

  • Which intraocular lens to use

    The development of artificial intraocular lens which replaces the natural lens is continually advancing. Recently, ICLs used in cataract surgeries can simultaneously treat presbyopic and even astigmatism. So without an additional surgery, you can treat cataract and vision problems at the same time. EYEREUM only uses aspheric lenses which have been approved by American FDA and have obtained the European CE mark, for a safe clear vision.

  • process of surgical operation

    1. 01Remove lens
    1. 02Insert artificial lens
    1. 03Complete the surgery