One-Day Surgery. EYEREUM pursues a fast but safe surgery.

  • Even though it is a One-Day Surgery, we NEVER rush.

    EYEREUM One-Day Surgery is a system where you can undergo both the preliminary screening examinations and the surgery in one day. Just because the entire process is done in one day, it doesn’t mean you skip any tests. The preliminary screening process is identical with the regular 50 basic examinations and 10 special tests and the surgery is performed based on your results. Also while you wait for your test results, you can take the requisite DNA test. The safety of your examination is not compromised in any way.

  • However for a One-Day Surgery there is a lot you have to be aware of.

    1. Contact Lenses: Stop wearing soft lenses for 1 week and hard lenses for 2 weeks prior.
    2. Perfumes & Hair products: As the lasers are extremely sensitive please avoid wearing perfumes or any strong scented hair products. (Basic skin-toner and lotion are allowed)
    3. A Hat & Sunglasses: It important to block any UVA light, so please bring a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  • Please be on time to your appointment.

    1. When making an appointment, the optometry team, surgical team, coordinating team and your specialist are all on special call for your One-Day Surgery, so we ask you to be punctual for your appointment.
    2. If it is unavoidable for you to cancel your One-Day Surgery, please call us and let us know. It would help the other patients receive a concordant treatment.
Please read the precautions for before, during, and after surgery. You will feel much more reassured to know as much information as possible before receiving a new outlook on life.