All Laser LASEK Trans PRK The development of LASEK

Brush LASEK vs All Laser LASEK


PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is the surgical procedure when the cornea epithelium is removed with a brush and then polished with excimer laser.

All Laser LASEK (Trans PRK)

The procedure when a laser not a brush is used to remove the cornea epithelium is called Trans PRK (Trans-Photorefractive Keratectomy).

Brush vs All Laser Comparison of each severed section

The severed section of All Laser LASEK is much smoother than that of the Brush LASEK, meaning a faster vision recovery and a more stable surgery outcome.

Trans PRK LASEK + SmartPulse AMARIS 1050rs

“A speedier recovery, smaller incision, and greater safety”

SPT, Smart Pulse Technology, is a 3D laser algorithm which enhances your eyesight/vision in a short period of time by optimizing the smoothness of the corneal surface. The three dimensional model describes the curvature of the cornea and the fullerence structure makes it possible to position the pulses more closely than ever before. This innovating/groundbreaking technology leads to not only a faster visual recovery and a stable vision quality but also reduces possible recovery pain and HOA (high order aberrations).

EYEREUM and 7 International Research Centers

“Proven effectiveness with more than 1000 surgeries.”

8 clinics in 8 different countries, including Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore, were chosen as AMARIS SPT (Smart Pulse Technology) official centers and participated in the SPT development project to prove the effectiveness through more than 1000 surgeries. The chief director of EYEREUM, Dr. David Kang(David Sung Yong Kang), was the only one in Korea to be given the honor to participate in this project.

Reduces the Danger of Side Effects!

The possibility of corneal opacity/clouding found in a few LASEK patients can be reduced once with EYEREUM Laser LASEK and once again with Trans PRK LASEK (by AMARIS 1050rs).