SMILE with Carl Zeiss VisuMax

The Zeiss VisuMax laser is the only laser in the world that can perform ReLEx SMILE. VisuMaz uses femtosecond lasers to produce extremely short pulses of laser light which are used to divide corneal tissue layers. To minimizes corneal damage,

  1. 011.5~4.5µm Laser.
  2. 02 Low Energy < 200nJ
  3. 03 500kHz laser pulse frequency is used.

The Safety of VisuMax

Standard femtosecond lasers applied high pressure on the cornea after creating problems like corneal bleeding. However, VisuMax has reduced the pressure, eradicating side effects such as corneal bleeding or dry-eyes.

The human cornea is curved. Thus, Carl Zeiss contact glasses are curved way, too. The three different sizes available (S, M, L) ensure an optimal t to the anatomy of the eye.

The cornea is not forced into a deformed planar, non-physiologi- cal shape – and artifacts are avoided in the cutting result, as is unnecessarily high IOP.

Precise Centering

During surgery when the patient is lying down, the laser’s fixation point accurately locates the centering, performing an ideal visual correction surgery.

Measuring the Volume of Space

There is no cutting or burning of corneal tissue during the ReLEx SMILE procedure. The laser breaks down the molecular bonds in the cornea without causing any collateral damage. As the cornea should be understood as space volume, it is necessary to assiduously comprehend the cornea volume before surgery and the volume of the extracted lenticule. This enables to design a complete tailored surgery to maximize corneal strength and prevent any side effects such as keratoconus.

The relationship between the removed cornea and the corneal stiffness during LASIK SMILE / From a thesis written by Dr. Dan Reinstein

360,000 surgeries worldwide. Safety of SMILE. Based on Jan. 2016.

First started in 2006, the intra-stromal lenticule extraction of SMILE is called the 3rd generation or the next generation of laser vision correction. According to Zeiss, this femtosecond lenticule extraction method has been successfully performed 360,000 times up to Jan. 2016 all over the world including Europe.

Post-SMILE operative pain and recovery time

SMILE causes little damage to the cornea, so it is possible to wash your face, use basic skin care products, and do light exercises the following day. Also, 70% of patients reached a 20/20 vision the next day, and it took the other 30% 3~7 days. However, some patients have experienced a slight Blurry vision for about 1~2 weeks. To reduce this side effect, it is absolutely crucial to undergo the procedure from a verified specialist.

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