Terms of Agreements
  • Chapter 1 General Provisions

    Article 1 (Purpose)
    This service terms aims to govern the basic matters such as rights, obligations, responsibilities, conditions and procedures between members and the hospital in your use of applying services (“Services”) provided by EYEREUM ophthalmic clinic (“Hospital”).

    Article 2 (Effect and Change of Terms)
    ① These terms shall be effective for all members who wish to use the Services.
    ② The contents of these terms shall be published on the Services screen or otherwise disclosed to the members, and it shall be effective by the agreeing member’s joining the Services.
    ③ The Hospital may change these terms if it is deemed necessary, and if the terms are changed, they will be announced in the same way as the second clause without delay. However, changes to important provisions regarding the rights or obligations of users shall be announced at least seven days in advance.
    ④ If the member disagrees with the changed terms, he or she can stop using the Services and terminate the use contract.

    Article 3 (Rules Other than Terms)
    The matters not specified in these terms shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations such as the medical law.

    Article 4 (Definition of Membership)
    Those who access the site and enter the required such as name, e-mail address, and others, and obtain the qualification and authority of the member as a customer
  • Chapter 2 Services Use Contract

    Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)
    It is considered an agreement to terms by a customer clicking the “Agree” button for the question “Do you agree to the above terms and conditions?” when applying for usage.

    Article 6 (Application for Use)
    Application for use, membership application in other words, shall be done in a way that the customer records the followings on the membership application form.
    1. ID
    2. Password
    3. Name
    4. Phone Number
    5. E-mail

    Article 7 (Approval of Application for Use)
    The Hospital shall accept the application for use of the Services from applying customer who has accurately note matters in Article 6 specified by the Hospital.

    Article 8 (Limitation of Approval on Application for Use)
    The Hospital may not accept the application for the following cases.
    1. If the provision of Services is not technically possible
    2. If it was a false registration in registering users, such as the use of fake name or illegal use of someone else’s name
    3. If application omits or miswrites the items of user registration
    4. If it was applied for the purpose of hindering or obstructing the peace and order as well as morals and customs of the society
    5. If the membership was lost before due to attributable reasons of the customer
    6. If other requirements for application for use determined by Hospitals are not satisfied
    7. If there is no agreement to terms and conditions and Privacy policy, the membership application shall be withheld.

    Article 9 (Change of Contract Item)
    The member must modify the items according to the forms and methods prescribed by the Hospital if the items that were written at the time of application are changed.
  • Chapter 3 Use of Services

    Article 10 (Purpose and Scope of Services)
    The purpose of this Services provided by the Hospital is to operate free-of-charge for the provision of medical services provided by the Hospital, and all Services except for surgery review are available without membership application. According to the medical treatment law, surgery review can be provided after sign-up and log-in.

    Article 11 (Initiating Use of Services)
    ② If the Services cannot be started due to hospital work or technical difficulties, it should be announced on the site or notified to the members.
    ① In principle, the Hospital shall start the service from the time of acceptance of the membership application.

    Article 12 (Services Hours)
    ① The Services are available year-round, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, the Services may be suspended due to the hospital work or technical reasons, and during the period set by the Hospital for operational purposes. In such cases, the Hospital shall notify in advance or after.
    ② The Hospital can divide the Services into a certain range and separately set the available time for each range. In this case, the contents shall be announced.

    Article 13 (Deletion of Posts or Contents)
    ① The Hospital may delete the contents without any prior notice if it is deemed that all the contents (including the transfer between members) within the Services posted or delivered by the member falls under any of the following cases, and the Hospital shall not be held responsible for this.
    1. If the content defames the reputation of the Hospital, other members, or third parties by slander or mudslinging
    2. If it is dissemination of information, sentences, figures, and others in violation of public order and morals and customs
    3. If the content is found to be related to criminal activity
    4. If it infringement of copyright of Hospital, copyright of third party, and others
    5. If the content is not related to the Services provided by the Hospital
    6. If unnecessary or unauthorized advertising or promotional material is posted
    7. If the content is created by stealing the ID (Resident Registration Number), name, and other information of another person, or if the information entered by another person is counterfeited and falsified without permission
    8. If it is against the purpose of post by multiple and repetitive posts of identical content
    9. If it is deemed to be in violation of other relevant laws and regulations and Hospital guidelines
    ② The Hospital may set up separate guidelines for the use of the post, and the members must register or delete the various posts (including the transfer between members) in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Chapter 4 Standard of Disclosure of Data

    Article 14 (Definition of Disclosure of Data)
    These Services are provided free of charge for the public purposes mentioned in Article 10 of Chapter 3, and the Hospital can disclose the following matters.
    ① Information related to technology and medicine and medical supplies used in surgery
    ② Public review under the consent of Hospital patient (After log in)

    Article 15 (Method of Disclosure of Data)
    The method of disclosure of the publicly available data mentioned in Article 14 of Chapter 4 shall be released in the following manner in principle.
    ① Publishing with homepage or other homepages
    ② Posting on the paper or in the promotional materials
    ③ Posting through the electronic image devices
    ④ Posting otherwise within the scope of the Hospital’s decision and not against the social morals and customs
  • Chapter 5 Compensation for Damages and Others

    Article 16 (Compensation for Damages)
    ① If a member causes harm to the Hospital due to a violation of the provisions of these terms, the member who violates these terms shall compensate for any and all damages incurred to the Hospital.
    ② If a member receives various complaints, including compensation for damages or lawsuits, from a third party other than the member due to unlawful act or violation of these terms by the member, the member should exempt the Hospital from accountabilities at his or her own responsibilities and expenses. If the Hospital is not exempted, the member should indemnify the Hospital for any damages caused by this.

    Article 17 (Exemption from Responsibility)
    ① If the Hospital cannot provide the Services due to natural disasters or other equivalent force majeure, the responsibility for the providing Services is exempted.
    ② The Hospital shall not be responsible for the hindrance of Services use due to the attributable reasons of the member.
    ③ The Hospital shall not be responsible for the loss of the profit that the member expects from using the Services, and shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the data obtained through the Services. The Hospital is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information, data, and facts posted by members on the site.
    ④ The Hospital has no obligation to intervene in the dispute arising out of the Services between the members or the member and the third party mutually, and the Hospital has no liability for the damage caused by the dispute.

    Article 18 (Competent Court)
    ① In case of a dispute between the Hospital and the member regarding the use of the Services, the Hospital and the member shall earnestly consult with each other in order to resolve the dispute.
    ② If the dispute is not settled even in the consultation under the paragraph (1) of this article, both parties may file a complaint with the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

    Addendum (June 20, 2011)
    (Effective Date) These terms will be effective from June 20, 2011.