Precautions for Implanting Contact Lenses
  • 01 Before Surgery

    Before the laser peripheral iridotomy, wearing contact lenses is prohibited for a certain amount of time before surgery: 1 week for soft lens and 3 weeks for hard lens. After the laser procedure and before implanting the ICLs, you may wear your contact lenses as usual.

  • 02 Other Prescriptions

    You should avoid any kind of aspirins for 1 week before surgery.

  • 03 Eye drops

    • After the laser peripheral iridotomy, you are prescribed steroid eye drops to use 4 times a day for 3 days.
    • Antibiotic eye drops are prescribed to use 4 times a day for 3 days before surgery.
    • After the laser peripheral iridotomy, anti-inflammatory eye drops are prescribed for you to put in every 2 hours except when sleeping.
    • On the third day, you are given eye drops to put in four times: morning, afternoon, evening, and before going to bed.
  • 04 Sleeping

    On the day of the laser peripheral iridotomy, you should sleep with your upper body upright (at least 45°).

  • 05 Driving

    You may feel difficulty in seeing on the day of the laser peripheral iridotomy.

  • 06 Meals

    Please have a light breakfast on the day of your surgery.

  • 07 Bathing

    While recovering, your eyesight in both eyes may differ. You may experience hazy vision for up to 2 weeks but as the gas inside the cornea is released; your vision will become clearer and clearer.

  • 08 Drinking

    Please refrain from heaving drinking the day before surgery.

Clothing & Things you will need

  • Apart from the basic skin-toner and lotion, please avoid using anything else. As the lasers are very sensitive, please avoid using any perfume or strong scented hair products.
  • Clothing: As the surgery takes place while you are lying down, we recommend comfortable clothing.
  • Things you will need: Sunscreen lotion, sunglasses or protective glasses, and a wide-brimmed hat.

During Surgery

  • After you enter the surgery room, you will be reminded of the surgery precautions, and the area around your eyes will be disinfected.
  • The anesthetic eye drops will alleviate you of any pain during the surgery, however you may feel a pull when your eyes are fixed open.
  • Once you are lying down, please look closely at the blinking green light in front of you.
  • A small support is used to gently hold your eyelids open to keep you from blinking during the procedure. Even if you feel you want to close them, you should try to relax and keep them open.
  • For about 3 hours after surgery, you may find it difficult to open your eyes. Your eyes may even be bloodshot or full of tears, so we recommend that you are accompanied by a guardian.

Precautions for the Day of Implanting Contact Lenses

  • There are two types of implantable contact lens: the anterior chamber lens which fits between the cornea and the iris and the posterior chamber lens which fits just behind the iris.
  • The implantable contact lens is inserted after an area for it has been cut and made.
  • As you are lying on the surgery bed, please gaze gently into the light in the center.
  • It is important to stare only at the light in front of you.
  • Artiflex and Toric Artiflex, which are anterior chamber lenses, are implanted in both eyes on the same day.
  • ICL, which is a posterior chamber lens, are implanted in each eye separately for two days.
  • 01 Surgery Day

    On the day of the laser peripheral iridotomy, you should sleep against a high pillow with your head upright (at least 45°). On the day of inserting the lenses, you should try to rest and sleep in an upright position (at least 15°). (You may possibly experience irritations, eye pains or headaches.)

  • 02 During Vision Recovery

    While recovering, you may feel irritation as your corneas are swollen and may have difficulty performing close range tasks for two weeks. Also you may experience night blurred vision for 3~6 months. Please remember to put in the prescribed eye drops and take your prescribed pills as instructed. The instructions will differ depending as you recover.

  • 03 Facial Wash

    4 days after surgery, you may wash your face but please remember not to rub your eyes. A quick shower and shampooing are allowed after 5 days, but please keep your head upright. You may rinse the shampoo with your head held downwards after 2 weeks. You may also take a bath after 2 weeks. But dry or wet saunas should be avoided for 4 weeks as they may induce dryness in the eyes.

  • 04 Makeup & Hair Treatment

    Facial cosmetics such as the basic skin moisturizers and BB cream are allowed after 4 days, but you should avoid eye makeup like eye liners and mascaras for 2 weeks. Perms and hair dyes should be avoided for 1 month.

  • 05 Exercise

    Light exercise is allowed after 1 week, but any rigorous exercises that may make you sweat should be avoided for 1 month. Please remember not to hurt your eyes.

  • 06 Drinking

    You should refrain from drinking alcohol for 4 weeks and heavy drinking for 2 months.

  • 07 Travel

    Depending on your recovery, you may travel 1~2 weeks after surgery.

  • 08 Driving

    3~4 days after surgery, you may drive, but please make sure you take extra care.

  • 09 Daily Life

    You may return to your normal daily routine a few days after surgery. However avoid carrying any heavy loads or doing any violent activities.

  • 10 Other procedures

    Cosmetic surgery, skin laser procedures and semi-permanent makeup procedures should be avoided for 6 weeks after surgery.