Precautions for Presbyopia Surgery

Precautions before Presbyopia Examination

  • 01 Reservation

    You may make an appointment over the phone or via our website.

  • 02 Examination Time and Eyeglasses

    The entire process will take more than 2 hours. The preliminary screening includes 51 tests to check your sight, cornea condition, cornea thickness and pupil size. With the results, the best surgical method is decided on. (Please remember to bring your glasses on the day of your examination)

  • 03 Contact Lenses

    For an accurate evaluation of your eyes, please stop wearing contact lenses before the examination day; more than 7 days for soft lens, more than 14 days for hard (RGP) lenses, and more than 1 month for dream lens.

  • 04 Driving

    It may be dangerous to drive after the examination, so we recommend you use public transportation.

  • 05 Taking care of your condition

    For a successful surgery, an accurate examination is crucial. For an accurate examination, we need you to be in your best condition.

Precautions before Presbyopia Surgery

  • 01 Contact Lenses

    Wearing contact lenses can swell or twist the cornea, so once you have decided on surgery, we reco mmend you stop wearing your contact lenses, so your cornea can return to its normal state: 7 days for soft lenses, 14 days for hard (RGP) lenses and more than 30 days for dream lenses.

  • 02 Drinking

    It is recommended that you avoid heavy drinking the day before the surgery.

  • 03 Makeup

    Apart from the basic skin-toner and lotion, please avoid everything else including BB cream, sun screen and other cosmetics.

  • 04 Bathing

    You will have to avoid taking a shower for a few days after surgery, so we insist you bathe beforehand.

  • 05 Perfumes

    As the lasers are very sensitive, please do not use any perfumes or strong scented hair products.

  • 06 Driving

    It will be dangerous to drive afterwards, so we strongly insist that you are accompanied by a guardian or use public transportation.

Precautions for the Day of Presbyopia Surgery

Precautions for the Day of Presbyopia Surgery

  • Presbyopia surgery is a vision correction surgery that corrects the vision due to aging of the lens.
  • Please avoid any beverages with caffeine such as coffee or green tea.
  • f you are taking any medication for diabetes or high blood pressure, please remember to take them before surgery. (You will be able to take them after surgery as well.)
  • During surgery, please gaze gently into the light in the center.
  • 01 Surgery Day

    On the day of the laser peripheral iridotomy, you should sleep against a high pillow with your head upright (at least 45°). On the day of inserting the lenses, you should try to rest and sleep in an upright position (at least 15°). (You may possibly experience irritations, eye pains or headaches.)

  • 02 During Vision Recovery

    While recovering, you may feel irritation as your corneas are swollen and may have difficulty performing close range tasks for two weeks. Also you may experience night blurred vision for 3~6 months. Please remember to put in the prescribed eye drops and take your prescribed pills as instructed. The instructions will differ depending as you recover.

  • 03 Facial Wash

    4 days after surgery, you may wash your face but please remember not to rub your eyes. A quick shower and shampooing are allowed after 5 days, but please keep your head upright. You may rinse the shampoo with your head held downwards after 2 weeks. You may also take a bath after 2 weeks. But dry or wet saunas should be avoided for 4 weeks as they may induce dryness in the eyes.

  • 04 Makeup & Hair Treatment

    Facial cosmetics such as the basic skin moisturizers and BB cream are allowed after 4 days, but you should avoid eye makeup like eye liners and mascaras for 2 weeks. Perms and hair dyes should be avoided for 1 month.

  • 05 Exercise

    Light exercise is allowed after 1 week, but any rigorous exercises that may make you sweat should be avoided for 1 month. Please remember not to hurt your eyes.

  • 06 Drinking

    You should refrain from drinking alcohol for 4 weeks and heavy drinking for 2 months.

  • 07 Travel

    Depending on your recovery, you may travel 1~2 weeks after surgery.

  • 08 Driving

    3~4 days after surgery, you may drive, but please make sure you take extra care.

  • 09 Daily Life

    You may return to your normal daily routine a few days after surgery. However avoid carrying any heavy loads or doing any violent activities.

  • 10 Other procedures

    Cosmetic surgery, skin laser procedures and semi-permanent makeup procedures should be avoided for 6 weeks after surgery.