EYEREUM Medical Team
EYEREUM Optometry Team

To learn the precise condition of your eyes, your personal optometrist will lead you through various examinations and answer any questions you might have. Each of our optometry team members is fully experienced and qualified in performing the more than 70 examinations available. Also they will lead you through the recovery/post-operative stage to make sure you feel comfortable with your new vision.

EYEREUM Clinic Coordinating Team

The moment you enter our doors, our coordinating team will welcome you with a warm smile. They are responsible to meet any of your needs through each process; registration, examinations, and any other steps needed prior and after the surgery.

EYEREUM Surgical Team

Our expert surgical team is responsible for the safety of your eyes from beginning to end. This includes being in charge of making sure that not only is every laser equipment up to standard but also that the operating room is clean and sterilized. So you may feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your surgery from beginning to end.

EYEREUM Patient Care Coordinating Team

Our Patient Care Coordinators are here to meet any of your needs. They will be your main contact with the clinic, providing you a reassuring experience with us at EYEREUM. They will guide you through the full process before and after the surgery, arranging or rearranging your appointments, as well as reminding you of your appointments and checking up on you outside the clinic. They are here to provide you the upmost customer satisfaction.